Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Food at cocktail parties

Cocktail parties have been making quite the comeback in recent years. From cocktail weddings to charity events, hosting a cocktail party has become a stylish and fun way of entertaining people, and they're a good fit for a multitude of venues. People are, more and more, choosing to host cocktail parties over more traditional parties. Such parties are a convenient way to entertain guests in an environment that can be made to fit any place, and can be tailored to different levels of formality.

Regardless of whether you are planning a casual party with close friends, a formal corporate event, or a fashionable wedding reception, the food you chose is perhaps more important than the cocktails you offer if you want your party to be a success. Good presentation and and ease-to-eat are the most important parts of good party food. Offering different types of food, such as fruit dipped in chocolate or breaded scampi, will impress the guests at your party, and they'll be certain to come back for more.

There are an endless choice of foods you can have at a cocktail party, and the way it is presented can be altered to suit any venue. What party foods to serve are entirely up to you, but there a few pointers that should allow you to make the best choices:

At formal party events, a buffet may be the best choice. Finger food can be displayed on a buffet table, or at different buffet tables around the room, along with food trays given out by hand. At less formal events you probably don't need to get out the fine cutlery, but can use plates or less formal silverware to tailor the party food based on the type of event. Sausage rolls, hot dogs, cheesecake, and fruit are popular choices.

Your cocktail choices will also change depending on the type of event, so choose carefully with type of alcoholic beverages will fit your event the best. More formal events may call for champagne or wine, whilst more casual parties may be better suited to mixed drinks and other cocktails.


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